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BREAKING NEWS Bad Credit History? Where To Get Personal Loan?

July 5, 2016

BREAKING NEWS Bad Credit History? Where To Get Personal Loan?

July 5, 2016

LATEST NEWS Many individuals faced great difficulties when seeking personal loan, payday loan, business loan, renovation loan, education loan or any form of legal cash loans just because they had a poor credit history. Having a bad credit history means that corporate banks or most money lenders would have blacklisted you.

Thus, what you need would be a bad credit loan or blacklisted loan, since the Credit Bureau would have recorded your poor financial history, most banks if not all legal moneylenders have access to such credit information.

SGmoney is an online loan application platform which enables borrowers to choose their preferred licensed money lenders. More than 160 legal, licensed moneylenders are listed in 

Through online loan application platforms such as borrowers can apply for cash loans, personal loans, payday loans or even bad credit loans online together with above 17,000 SGmoney followers!

Reliable Singapore Moneylender Loans

SGmoney Borrowers and Legal Lenders Forum is a Blog for Legal Cash Loans, Personal Loans, Payday Loans, Business Loans and Foreigner Loans, join above 17,000 followers to discuss about moneylenders

Heres’ examples of what borrowers are saying about moneylenders:


 Need help urgently.

Postby aphazel » Sun Apr 22, 2012 2:37 pm

Hi all i need help or advice from anyone who is sincere to help me. I am facing big problem with loans from 8 licensed moneylenders all because i cant afford to pay the weekly payments n sum monthly payments thats y i had to borrow from other moneylenders just to pay them but until when must i do all this?? Because of this my monthly pay is not enough to clear my own family bills, kids school fee etc. This is becoming a Big headache n stressful for me. My family does not know what i had done thats the worst part.
Ive tried applied personal loans from banks hopefully if approved i can clear my lians but all my applications was rejected. I have try asking varioys moneylenders to offer me consolidation loans but none could help. Please anyone out there who has any suggestions or solutions to help me please leave me a comment or email me. I am all ears to hear any suggestions or advices if possible any Solutions to settle my probs. Thank you all for reading my blog.




 Personal Loan In Singapore

Posts: 1
Joined: Sun Apr 22, 2012 2:25 pm
Hi Aphazel, try
Hopefully the legal moneylenders at SGmoney may consider helping you. Good luck
Sunil Rashid
Can try
reliable, legal. Tell them your problems sincerely, they might help you.
Or if you are staying near town area, can approach
or East side can visit or JD credits neat Chinatowns mrts
Joseph Yao




1) Located at Jurong Gateway area, MMI shopping mall, cut throat interest rate (worse than loan sharks!)
2) Used to be few minutes walk from Jurong East MRT, “RJ Moon Credit” (debt collectors enjoy scolding your mother in front of your neighbors)
3) Located at Middle Road area- “Hub Credit Services” (Debt collectors will regularly chit chat with your employer till you fully pay up!!!)

I only trust 1 licensed moneylender, located near town area, so far no such nonsense
reliable, legal, reasonable people.

Ahmad Yusof

Re: Need help urgently.

Postby Irwan Herzan » Mon Apr 23, 2012 10:45 am

Thank you all for the response i really appreciate it. I will try ask those moneylenders which u all recommended n c whats the outcome. I also would like to recommend Capital Funds Investment located at Ubi near Macpherson MRT. quite relible with ok rates.
UC United Credit Licensed Money Lender, Call: 62220227

Careful about several moneylenders along Victoria Street, Beach Road or Jalan Sultan guys, my cousin was in a huge debt recently and borrowed from 5 of the money lenders at the mentioned locations, their debt collectors are collecting on behalf of loans sharks too, thus the styles are the same. Two of them shouted outside the debtor’s office (Coz got card access doors) for my cousin to “come out and pay up”, it went on couple of times and he got fired by the employer last month.

Maybe if you want a reasonable licensed moneylender, can try at Toa Payoh.
Yes interest still not very low, but can solve financial problems by providing legal personal loan, cash loan or payday loan. Cheers

Faizal Ewak 
Avoid the one at people Puke Centre or Geylang used to be at TGX Bldg, typical Ah Long treatment at my home just coz i missed payment by 2 days.
For now when it comes to personal loan or payday loan, in fact any cash loans, my family takes from
Safer, more reliable, legal fast loans, although we are staying at Jurong, getting loans from
is worth the journey- judging from my own experience. my cousin took from ez loans near tanjang pegar say thet are relible and friendsly
Hi friends, borrowers of licensed moneylenders. I need some feedback pls.
What do you guys think of those money lenders situated near Pearl Center in Chinatown? Safe to get a personal loan or cash loan? The mall near Outram MRT station?
I need some opinions before deciding which one to approach on behalf of my husband, whom owed 3 months in car loan.
I have a fixed income of $2,070 with a company for 16 years. Pls advise folks, appreciated.
Fatimah Ibrahim
Legal Payday Loan Singapore

BST Credit, Call: 62991782



Personal loan services in Singapore heading online

Licensed moneylenders in Singapore are targeting consumers looking for personal loans, business loans, short term loans, or simply fast cash loans but with less than SGD 30,000 income per annum. Singapore Consumer Financial Directory is a media platform for legal loans application online with more than 17,000 followers.

For those whom wish to borrow money or are looking for a quick loan, cash loan or any loan which are provided by authorized money lenders, they can do so online.

Bad credit loan is available from such lenders as those with previous poor financial records will face difficulty when borrowing from banks.

Pay day loan have been gaining popularity among this group of borrowers, but in order not to encourage a borrowing culture for the good of Singaporeans & permanent residents, the authority in charged had issued strict laws stipulating Licensed moneylender’s advertising activities in Singapore.

With lesser visibility currently seen in the market place, borrowers are expected to have more time to decide, only if they genuinely need to borrow.

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